Total Recall l 6

Dutch with Lady Anndeetramp

Dutch gets a letter than his great aunt, whom he never met, has recently passed away. This means he could inherit her castle and her vast estate in uptown netherlands (plus her noble title). The only problem, Dutch has to stay in her castle for one night, though people say its haunted. 

Dillon (a huge paranormal fan) tags along with him on his trip. Waiting for Dutch is a beautiful female named Lady Anndeetramp. She is constantly trying to seduce Dutch, but Dillon tells him to watch out, she probably just wants all the money he got. Turns out she is the wife of Dutch's forth cousin twice removed, Baron Boneless. The Baron was born with no bones and thus has to wear a mechanical exoskeleton all the time (it looks like a suit of armour and gives hims super strenght). The episode ends with Dillon attaching a helium tank to the Baron's mouth and filling him up like a balloon. The Lady grabs on to the Baron's foot as they float away into the sky. The Baron wants Dutch dead so he can get the castle. Realizing that he would return to constatnly try to kill him Dutch sells the castle and donates the money to all the orphans Dutch and Dillon have created over the years.