Fortress moon preview1

nazi moon base


Still lost in space Dutch and Dillon land on the Dark Side of the Moon. They find an old base in a crater that was built by the Nazis before the end of ww2. Exploring the base Dutch finds some still living nazis. Dillon finds the garage and an old Auto Union Type C racing car, converted to a nazi lunar rover.

Dutch falls in love with a beautiful blonde nazi female scientist. Dillon is wary as they would all be in their 60s at this time, but Dutch won't listen.

Over the Radio Dillon hears that the soviets are about to land on the moon, they plan on burning the american flag and putting up their hammer and sickle flag on live TV.

Dillon slaps Dutch, snapping him out of his enchantment. He is finally able to see his beautiful nazi girlfriend as a Moon Ghost. (Dillon was able to notice first because he isn't an aryan and is immune to aryan ghosts). Dillon and Dutch hop into the racing car that Dillon was fixing up. They zoom across the moon and fight the soviets and chase them back into their space capsule. As they fly away, Dutch takes their flag and throws it at their ship and it exploded. Dutch picks up the american flag and puts it back up on the moon.

The episode ends with them in their Pocket Rocket. They try to return to Earth but KGB agent Richard Killhouse Nixon (who is still disguised as the president of america) uses his over ride controls to send their ship far off course. 


  • A problem with the videotape during the Czechoslovakian Broadcast meant the end of the episode's ending wasn't shown, Prague was inundated with rioters for two days until the Soviet military was able to install a temporary jumbo-tron to show the end of the episode and the protesters peacefully returned home