Ghost of Sandow

Dillon is on his way to his local gym for leg day when he sees that its closed because of a murder. Dillon never misses leg day! this leads to Dutch and Dillon to investigate the murder of a local body builder. 

Doing some late night investigations Dutch and Dillon see the "ghost" of Eugen Sandow...the grandfather of bodybuilding. He tells them that their is more to the case than a simple murder. Turns out a 100 years ago Sandow wrote a book that was never published "The metaphysics of Body Sculpting". It was hidden and suppressed on Eugen's "Death" by his followers who started a cult following his teachings. The murder victim was in the cult and was going to reveal the Sandow's mystical body building teachings to the world and was killed for it.

Dutch and Dillon get trapped in the Cult's underground dungeon built beneath the gym. All is lost until Eugen shows up and scares all the cultists. He is mad they peverted his teachings. Turns out Eugen didn't die, but ascended to a higher plane of existence...of pure muscle!