Ahnuld forgives but doesn't forget

Dutch bids farewell to his Friend Mr.Predator

The season opens with the exciting conclusion to last years dramatic Rumble in The Jungle. Dutch thinks his friends are all dead , killed by a mysterious invisible monster.

He figures out that the monster is really an alien and can see infra-red, so Dutch covers himself in mud. The Alien shows up in his real form and they wrestle in the mud till Dutch ultimately defeates him. Dutch is about to kill the alien till he removes his helmet and starts speaking to him. It turns out the alien's name is Mr.Predator, he came to earth to discuss a trade agreement for bananas. It was purely an accident that the cabinet memebers helicopter crashed. Mr.Predator was worried that Earthlings would blame him and was trying to escape back to his ship. He used his powers of hypnotism to make Dutch think he killed his friends. With his friends back Dutch says he will do whatever it can to open up a trade with Mr.Predators homeworld for bananas.

Behind the scenes: these episodes where edited together and released as Predator in the theaters.