Queen Susan

Predators are the name given to the Aliens from the planet Predatoria. Dutch and Dillon first encounter them when one of them is teaming up with Bennet and killing various high powered politicians. They are ruthless killers who lack any remorse, though that doesn't mean they are savages. They enjoy many of the same comforts that humans have. They have a love of bananas which are very rare on their planet but very abundant on Earth (hence why they constantly try to invade).

Their powers include: Blurry Clothes, Hypno-Vision, Super Strenght, Double Quick Speed, high tech weapons, LSD Blood and magnetic hearing.

In one of their last apperances Dutch and Dillon manage to make a trade deal for bananas and brings peace between Earth and Predatoria (Rumble in the Jungle). This episode was later re-edited to become the famous movie Predator.