Notch and Nolan

Recurring antagonists/rivals Notch and Nolan.

The following is an incomplete list of guest appearances made on Dutch & Dillon. The frequency of guest appearances increased in later seasons as other television shows began to draw influences from earlier plotlines and story trops from the Dutch & Dillon series. 

  • Mister (Parallel) Universe IX - Scott Bakula as  "The Technician"
  • Bob Hope
  • Bela Lugosi as Vampire man 3 in th epsode 200 named "Vampire Man is back again this time!" in season 3
  • Don Knotts as himself in Dutch & Dillon & Don Knotts
  • Lou Ferrigno as Steven "Notch" Wolter
  • Reb Brown as Saul Nolan
  • Clint Howard as Chaz Diamonds
  • Eugene Levy as Mr Fivel Goldstein, Dillon's high school science teacher
  • Ron Jeremy as a fishmonger background character. This was prior to his career in pornographic films
  • Jimmy Saville as Mr Stinkfingers, a cruel British mobster in American Dutchwolf in London
  • John Goodman as Fielz Goodmahn, a German intelligence officer that helps the boys on some missions