Black Arnold

Arnold as Dillon

Mister (Parallel) Universe II is the eight episode of season 4 and second in the Mister (Parallel) Universe series, after Mister (Parallel) Universe.

Plot Edit

Dutch and Dillon find themselves back at headquarters at the behest of Sgt. Rutherford Cornelius. 

It's time for another look at the Super Computer and view a "Dutch and Dillon" adventure from a different universe.

In this episode Schwarzenegger plays Dillon (in full blackface) and Carl Weathers is cast as Dutch (in full whiteface). The plot concerns a group of female alien drug dealers sent to Earth to Harvest the most addictive illegal narcotic in the milky way...human semen.

Behind the Scenes Edit

This episode came about because Arnold and Carl would often entertain each other and the entire cast and crew with their dead on impressions of each other.  After seeing this the writers decided to do a "body switch episode". The studio had no problem with that , however they probably wouldn't have given the green light to the actors appearing in racist make up. To get around this problem the production company decided not to tell them and to broadcast the entire episode live. In many markets the audience never got to see the full episode and it was never repeated when the show went into syndication. Those who have seen it mention that the entire plot falls apart half way into the show as Arnold and Carl start improving their lines trying to make the other one laugh.

This was the last and only Dutch and Dillon episode allowed to be broadcast live.

Carl Weathers has said on numerous occasions this was his favorite episode to work on.