Midget ninja

Ray Jing Buhl. Killer Midget

Dillon and Dutch go to visit their old friend Marcus. He used to work with them before becoming a hollywood stunt man, he eventually became a famouse movie producer and was very rich.

Dillon and Dutch go to spend a weekend at his beautiful mansion and to see his new adopted son. Turns out Marcus and his wife adopted a kid from china. Everything is going fine until Dutch catches the kid doing some questionable stuff but no one will believe him. It eventually turns out that the "kid" is really a chinese midget secret agent. He fights dutch and dillon to stand still till he eventually escapes. China is trying to get rich and powerful americans to adopt their "children" and then the parents would be murdered and their adopted children would get all the money. Dutch and Dillon go to China to discover whats going on and stop it. 

If you like shows about 2 muscle bound men beating up little people, this is the episode for you