...We Can Kill ItA Choppah too farA Dutch No More
A Farewell to ArmsA Fistful of DillonsA Star is Blain
A Three Hour Tour of DutyAdonis ShruggedAl Dillon
Alan "Dutch" SchaeferArm WrestleBeyond the Realm of Reality
Billy SoleBlack to the FutureBlain Cooper
Close Encounters of the Dutch KindCocainumCry Hard
Da Nang or BustDillon's Korean CaperDillon & Dutch
Double DutchDr. Dich's Pocket RocketDutch's Dangerous Day
DutchDillonCon '95Dutch & DillonDutch & Dillon Go To Space
Dutch & Dillon Kill The PresidentDutch & Dillon Make a BabyDutch and Dillon Save Christmas
Dutch and Dillon vs Dragon NinjaEpisode ListEunni and Saudade
Game OverGuns for GoonsHang 'Em High
Hard DutchHeart of DutchnessHow Dutch Got Fat
If It Bleeds...In Pursuit of XanaduInfobox:D&Dmain
Jacob KrinkleJohn McTiernanKooks at the Kremlin
Last Blacktion HeroLittle Trouble in Regular Sized ChinaMacGill Crawford
Me Chinese, Me Play JokeMister (Parallel) UniverseMister (Parallel) Universe II
Mister (Parallel) Universe IXMister (Parallel) Universe VIIIMorning in America
No Time To CryNotable Guest AppearancesO Little Town of Deathlehem
Operation CatcallPaybackPilot (Unaired)
PredatorsPut That Cookie Down!: A Very D&D ChristmasRolling for Initiative
Rumble in the Jungle (part 1)Rumble in the Jungle (part 2)Sgt. Rutherford Cornelius
The Colombian ConnectionThe Ghost of Eugen SandowThe Moon Is A Harsh Mistress
The New Adventures of Dutch & DillonThe New Adventures of Dutch WikiThe Rascal
The Rockaway Beach MassacreThe Rockaway Beach Massacre (Part 1)The Tennis Player wore Tennis Shoes
The Thin Red 30-Yard LineUpward NobilityWhat Dillons Are Made Of (Unaired)
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