Born in Colin's Corner Kentucky and raised by Balkan goatherds who had moved to America to escape Communism, Krinkle got his start as a journalist for the Colin's Corner Gazette where a lack of interesting news stories forced him to become a fabulist.

His talent was soon recognized and at only 17 he was hired for a seven picture deal with Paramount to write seven screenplays. None of them were made (Although decades later, one about a chubby boy lonley boy who finds companionship with a stuffed Ice-cream doll that comes to life formed the basis of Event Horizon).

After his deal expired he was hired as a staff writer on the Original Adventures of Dutch and Dillon when Cornell Cannon wanted to revise the series he chose Krinkle as the head-writer and show-runner. Almost instantly Krinkle deviated from the original television show's original format where Dutch & Dillon were two bartenders in a country pub, and they helped passing tourists with their personal problems and into the more familiar action, sci-fi, melodrama blend that the show became renowned for.

He also controversially fired a the original Dutch and scoured the Austrian countryside before finding Arnold Swarzenegger.

Budget overruns and arguments with Cornell Cannon who wanted the show to appeal to a female demographic, while Carl Weathers wanted the show to give him more opportunities to explore his love of early Italian Opera lead to Krinkle to be fired from the show.

By Season 10, with ratings dwindling Cannon publicly apologized to Krinkle and offered him a record 11 million dollars a season fee if he returned as show runner, You Sun of a Bitch was considered a return to form and was the highest rated first episode of a season in Czeckoslovakian TV history.

Season 18 is perhaps the most notorious as personal tensions with Arnold, primarily because of his constant use of "zany evil twins" and Notch and Nolan episodes lead them to have a fist-fight where Krinkle broke Arnold's nose, in the fracas the entire slate of scripts for season 18 was destroyed with shooting scheduled in Ecuador to commence in only two weeks. Krinkle, who was already a regular user of cocaine wrote 18 episodes in a 60 hour streak, not even leaving his desk to use the bathroom or eat.

He claimed to have survived on "Cocaine, and used panties" during this time, and playing a audio-loop of Kublai Khan over and over (In Pursuit of Xanadu).

After the cancellation of the show for the fourth and final time, Krinkle fell from the public eye entirely. His first and only appearance since at DutchDillionCon 95 caused a stampede where seven people were killed. It is rumored he now sells real estate in Montana and is married to Britney Spears.