Dutch and Ronnie go get a burger

A group of highly trained Ninjas break into the white house and kidnaps President Ronald Reagan. Sgt.Rutherford Cornelius sends Dutch and DIllon to save him.  It's a non-stop blood bath as Dutch and Dillon beat the snot out of countless hordes of ninjas, till they finally reach the Boss Ninja's headquarters.  This episode was later made into the popular arcade game Bad Dudes.

Ronald Reagan makes a very special tv apperance playing himself. Though most of the filming where the president has a black bag put over his head while being held hostage it was just the director's brother sitting in , while Ronnie did the voice over in post production. 

President Reagan came in for one day of shooting but had one of the most iconic scenes in that season:

(Dillon is captured and Boss Ninja is holding a gun to his head, yelling at Dutch)

Boss Ninja: This is it, Dutch! Make your choice!! you can save your best friend Dillon or the president! Make a choice! yes or no? YES OR NO?

(the president unties his hands and slowly stand up and removes the black bag over his head. grabbing a near by gun on the floor)

Ronald Reagan: Just say No, bitch

(Ronald reagan blasts the Boss Ninja's head off. saving dillon)