Lidsville It's So Much Fun Being Rotten Charles Nelson Reilly

Charles Nelson Reilly as Emperor Gru-Zork

Dillon is sent on a misson for NASA to pilot their new experimental space craft. Dutch takes along as he has nothing better to do that weekend. Dutch over hears from some scientists that Dillon will probably not make it back as the new ship is incredibly dangerous. This leads to Dutch trying to knock out Dillon and take his place piloting the ship. Of course Dillon doesn't get knocked out that easily. They start fighting each other across the entire base and eventually into the ship's cockpit where they accidentally trigger the count down clock.

With Both of them in space the ship goes off course and they are destined to float for ever in the darkness of cosmos. All nasa space missions come with a secret suicide pill in case of being trapped in space. Dillon finds the pill and wants to give it to Dutch to save him the pain of slowly starving to death. Dutch figures it out and wants to give the suicide pill to Dillon. This leads to a huge fight in zero gravity, which accidentally sets off the warp drive.

Dutch and Dillon find themselves far outside our solar system and face to face with a massive battle cruiser. They are taken aboard to meet the leader of the 100  Sun empire the Great Immortal King Gru-Zork (played by Charles Nelson Reilly). Upon investigating their ship Gru-Zork's scientists feel that Earth is backwards and primitive and ready for an invasion. Gru-Zork speaks to Dutch and Dillon but seeing how macho and manly they are he figures all Earth People are like that and is too scared to invade. He teleports them back to Earth safely and with an apology.