Dr. Dich's Pocket Rocket is the final episode of season 9 of The New Adventures of Dutch & Dillon written by the series executive producer Cornell Cannon.

Plot Edit

Dr. Dich (played by guest star Brian Blessed) has constructed a rocket which can shrink down to fit in your pocket, and NASA has hired Dutch & Dillon to track him down and steal the rocket so that America can beat Israel to be the first to land on Earth's newly discovered second moon which happens to be made of gold.

After successfully retrieving the rocket for NASA, Dutch & Dillon return to the White House to receive a personal thank you from President Nixon in the Oval Office. After they sit down, they are both simultaneously knocked out with log traps. With a shimmering effect, President Nixon reveals that he is actually a time-travelling KGB agent who was sent back in time before killing and replacing the President.

The final scene of the series is Dutch & Dillon being blasted into space in the pocket rocket, leaving the KGB in charge of the planet and nobody around to do anything about it.