When Dutch and Dillon are sent to North Korea to save five American hostages, they uncover a dangerous secret: North Korean dictator Kim il Sung has turned all Koreans into robots programmed to invade the United States after the next rice harvest!

Dillon goes undercover as a Korean rice farmer, but his dark skin and imposing figure proves difficult to hide as he crosses a nation filled with four foot tall, aggressive Kimbots. Dutch is sent in to remove Dillon, but falls in love with a North Korean Kimbot named Jin-Jin during a visit to a cathouse. As Dutch tries to secure an exit visa for Jin-Jin from a mysterious pimp and smuggler.

The heat is on as Dillon escapes a North Korean labor camp by hiding in a laundry basket full of rice gathering hats. After Dutch and Dillon meet up on the border, Jin-Jin shares her desire to live the American Dream with Dutch, but reveals she can't leave without her half-robot Korean son.

As Dutch, Dillon and Jin-Jin board a helicopter in a daring midnight escape, Dutch decides commitment isn't for him and throws Jin-Jin from the chopper. Dillon questions Dutch, who refuses to answer. Dillon looks out at the sea below and whispers, "You don't give answers, do you friend?"

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