Dutch discovers the Cocainum

Dutch discovers the Cocainum in the Columbian El Presidente's wooden leg while posing as the Russian Ambassador to Columbia.

Cocainum is the sixth episode of season 15 of The New Adventures of Dutch & Dillon.

This episode is notable in that a heavily edited version was released under the title Red Heat eleven years later. The largest changes in this edit were the complete removal of Dillon and the re-dubbing of most character names.

Plot Edit

Colombian drug runners have set up a new distribution system using satellite signals bouncing off of the moon, Distributing a new drug called Cocainum, a compounded version of cocaine only found on the moon, said to be ten times as strong, through the entire world. Dutch and Dillon are sent into deal with the situation. Eventually it is revealed that using Colombian technology, MacGill Crawfords brain was put into a computer and was being used to control the space operations of the Colombian gang.