Bruce Lee Harvey Oswald

Dutch and Dillon find themselves in civil war days. Dillon has to pretend to be Dutch's butler to not cause any suspicion (Dutch has too much fun bossing Dillon around).

They over here two men talking about the upcoming murder of Abraham Lincoln. Dutch and Dillon decide to stop them. The truth was that evil bankers want to kill Lincoln for issuing greenbacks. D&D have to fight a hired chinese assassin ninja: Bruce Lee Harvey Oswald (played by Jackie Chan in his first american role).

Saving Lincoln Dutch and DIllon return to modern america but now find that the Blacks are in charge and whites are slaves. Now its Dillon's turn to boss around Dutch!!. Turns out after the civil war Lincoln passed a law taking away all the rights of whites, to teach them a lesson.

Dutch and Dillon return to 1860s after the war and have to hire a famous actor to kill Lincoln to return history back to normal. They tell him its all an "act" and the guns not even loaded.