The Running Man Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold as "Arnold"

The Time Traveling KGB Nixon Look alike Richard Killhouse Nixon returns to torment the team of Dutch and Dillon. Dutch chases nixon to his hide out where his time machine explodes, they both go missing. Dillon and Billy Sole investigate the scene and see that the time machine went beyond its parameters and left their universe. Billy warns Dillon not to go through his plan but Dillon forces Billy to send him after them.

Dillon finds himself on an Earth where Dutch and Dillon is a popular tv show and he's a fictional character played by Carl Weathers. Walking around hollywood he thinks he sees Dutch so he runs up to hug him but its really famous actor Arnold Schwarzenegger. The real Arnold think its his co-worker Carl Weathers just goofing around. Arnold plays "Arnold" as a pampered effete hollywood big shot (with an hilarious Boston accent).  Arnold doesn't belive Dillon till he sees on the news that "Arnold" is running for Gov. of California!!  The Real Arnold an Dillon team up  to find out whats going on. Turns on Killhouse used his mind control device to control Dutch to take over california and eventually America. 

Going to a local comic con Dillon and "Arnold" meet Carl Weathers and one of writers for the Dutch and Dillon tv show. Dillon beats up the writer and forces him to take him to his hollywood studio. Killhouse hears whats going on so he sends Dutch to fight the real Arnold. Dillon finds the script for "beyond the realm of reality" to figure out how to turn off Killhouses mind control device and return back to his "world". 

The Episode ends with a copy of script "A Dutch No More: series finale" sitting on the desk where Dillon was sitting. Its heavy implied that Dillon read it and was visibly upset, in the Laser Disc version they have a "missing scene" extra were the viewer can assume that Dillon rewrote the ending. Fans still discuss that this is canon