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Steve Reeve as John Glutes

Dutch and Dillon are on their way to the local Muscle Man Competition when they are approached by a hobo who asks them "Who is John Glutes?" . They are confused by continue on to the show.

Taking a seat to enjoy some competative bodybuilding they notice this group is surprisngly weak and flabby. After talking to the organizers after the contest they find out that all the top body builders have gone missing. 

After an investigation they find the secret under ground hide out of the mysterious John Glutes. He was a famous body builder who was sick of all the flabby marxists trying to ruin his gains. Glutes built a hideaway called Glutes Gulch where all the Muscle Men/Women can get away from the society trying to stop them from working out. 

Dillon asks him to return to society to spread his message of bulking and cutting but Glutes refuses to live for other people. He then goes on to an extended diatribe about the evils of not-working out and how flabby people are parasites and want to destroy properly muscled free thinkers. The excessive working out causes the a fault line to become unstable so its up to Dutch and Dillon to save all the body builders out of Glutes Gulch. Glute refuses because he's blasting his glutes and is doing the perfect squat. 

Dillon and Dutch and the rest of Bodybuilders are safely outside as the underground hideout falls in on itself with John Glutes inside. They assumed he died but his perfect squat caused him to ascend into a higher plane of muscular existence.

Behind the Scenes: This episode was filmed in high contrast  black and white to accentuate the stark manichean randian objectivist philosophy. The episode was based on a graphic novel by Steve Ditko and Tom of Finland