Billy yodel

Yodel - Ay - EEE - Oooo

Synopsis Edit

While Dutch & Dillon enjoy their vacation in Austria, Blain is approached by Sister Mary Euthanasia, his old teacher at the orphanage where he was raised. The orphanage has since been transformed into a community center for the disenfranchised urban youths.

Sister Mary Euthanasia informs him, that Curtis Jericho, the old janitor of the community center and Blain's surrogate step uncle, has passed away. Since Jericho's prizes from winning the local talent show was the only thing that kept the community center open, the center now faces foreclosure.

Blain is dead set on keeping the center open and plans to do so by winning the talent show himself, but despite his best efforts he has to face the fact, that he doesn't stand a chance against the competition (A very young Prince in his first TV appearance).

Knowing about his inferiority but still not wanting to disappoint the kids, he enters the stage and starts his number. Just as Blain gets to the most difficult part of his set, Billy appears on stage and takes over the difficult soprano yodel part. Blain, realizing Billy forgave him their falling out in President Ray Gun, finishes the set with a furious wash board solo, leaving the audience in tears.

Billy and Blain win the talent show and save the community center, much to the chagrin of landlord Mr. Caldwell (Raymond Burr).

Behind the scenes Edit

This episode was co-directed by then unknown director John Landis.

Landis would later recycle parts of the episode's premise for his own movie, American Werewolf.